VII. Quality Improvement       
         A. Cost Effectiveness


This section includes several City of Hope publications related to cost issues in pain management.

For more information seeIV. A.  Family Caregiving, City of Hope Publications.

    City of Hope Publications

  1. Ferrell, B. R. (2000). The cost of comfort: Economics of pain management in oncology. Oncology Economics, 1(9), 56-61.  

    Recommended Publications

  1. Lyman, G. H. (2007). Economics of cancer care. Journal of Oncology Practice, 3(3), 113-114. 

Guidelines/Clinical Pathways

  1. A Guide to Building a Hospital-Based Palliative Care Program   
       This is a unique how-to manual for building a successful
       palliative care program in your hospital.

    Other Organizational Links


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