State of the Art Review of Tools for Assessment of Pain in Nonverbal Older Adults

  Criteria for Evaluation  
  Comparison Grid  
  Comparison of Tool Items  
    Review References  


Tool:   Detailed information: Brief Summary:


  ABBEY Pain Scale B-ABBEY
  ADD   Assessment of Discomfort in Dementia  B-ADD
  CPAT   Certified Nurse Assistant Pain Assessment Tool  B-CPAT
  CNPI   Checklist on Nonverbal Pain Indicators  B-CNPI
  DBS   Discomfort Behavior Scale  B-DBS
  Dis DAT   Disability Distress Assessment Tool B-Dis DAT
  DS-DAT   Discomfort Scale-Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type  B-DS-DAT
  Doloplus 2   Doloplus 2 B-Doloplus 2
  EPCA-2   Elderly Pain Caring Assessment 2 B-EPCA-2
  FLAAC   Face, Legs, Activity, Cry and Consolability Pain Assessment Tool  B-FLAAC
  MOBID   Mobilization-Observation-Behavior-Intensity-Dementia Pain Scale B-MOBID
  NOPPAIN   Nursing Assistant-Administered Instrument to Assess Pain in Demented Individuals  B-NOPPAIN
  PACSLAC   Pain Assessment Checklist for Seniors with Limited Ability to Communicate B-PACSLAC
  PADE   Pain Assessment for the Dementing Elderly  B-PADE
  PAINAD   Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia  B-PAINAD
  PAINE Pain Assessment in Noncommunicative Elderly Persons B-PAINE
  PBOICIE   Pain Behaviors for Osteoarthritis Instrument for Cognitively Impaired Elders