About PRC

The purpose of the COH-PPRC is to serve as a clearinghouse to disseminate information and resources to assist others in improving the quality of pain management and end of life care.

The COH-PPRC, established in 1995 is a central source for collecting a variety of materials including pain assessment tools, patient education materials, quality assurance materials, endo of life resources, research instruments and other resources.

Categories of Materials

      I.  Quality of Life and Cancer   

    II.   Spirituality

III.   Palliative Care
            A.   Palliative Surgery

   IV.   Pain and Symptom Management

            A.   Pharmacology/Policies and

   V.   Special Populations
A.   Family Caregiving
            B.   Pain Management and Palliative Care in
                  Special Population
  VI.   Education
            A.   Professional Competencies
                  and Educational Programs

            B.   Patient and Family Education

Research Instruments/Resources


       Index of Materials- PDF format
NOTE:  Be aware that the Index of
Materials are 113 pages in length.